About us

Our Heritage

With a dream and a desire to bring a new kind of cuisine to the people of India, Jyoti and Tanuj Gandhi set up Joy Products in 1980. Our automated food manufacturing journey began in 1987 when the company expanded into the production of authentic Mexican cuisine. Today, we can proudly claim to be the forefathers of Mexican food manufacturing in India! Our Mexican adventure began with supplying several five-star hotels and multinational chains around the country. And now, we are one of India's largest suppliers of Mexican food to the hospitality industry. Culinary secrets have been guarded and passed down through generations, and our cuisine is based on authentic recipes from their respective regions of origin. Our road to becoming India's leading Mexican food manufacturing company has been marked by innovation and the application of new technology.

Our Present

Our products are import substitutes that we supply to 5-star hotels, fine dining restaurants, pubs, clubs, airlines, corporate canteens, caterers, banquets, QSRs, restaurants, and multinational fast food corporations throughout India. We provide the base products that are then used to make a complete Mexican dish. Some of the world's largest corporations have designated us as key vendors for customizing products to international standards. Celebrity chefs and foreign chefs have consistently approved our products over the last three decades. We have earned the industry's trust by maintaining consistent quality, offering competitive pricing, and delivering products on time. We have a highly qualified R&D team that constantly innovates so that we can manufacture and offer delicious and new age products to our customers not only in India but also abroad through our export division.

Our Future

In addition to strengthening our position in the institutional market, we are pleased to announce the launch of our retail brand "Rokitos." Rokitos intends to take significant steps to rejuvenate its brand appeal and establish a retail presence for modern consumers across India. Rokitos seeks to tap into the ever-growing snack food market with an all-new brand presence and a unique brand identity. We had to bring the taste of joy products to a larger consumer base because we were pioneers in authentic Mexican food and recognizing consumer feedback. Our products are gluten free, pure corn, excellent tastes and flavours, quality policy without compromise, hands-free, fully automated production.

Our Vision

Our vision is to constantly innovate and upgrade our products while keeping local tastes in mind and working towards a global presence.

Our Core Values:

  • To foster a positive work environment, as well as to motivate and lead by example.
  • To provide healthy and nutritional food products.
  • To constantly introduce new, tasty, and improved products.
  • To cater to all areas of the food industry.

Our Social Responsibility

  • We have a working relationship with farmers to get our raw materials, ensuring that they have consistent and committed work.
  • Our goal is to help the rural population.
  • We make regular donations to several non-profit organisations in India. Also, hire the disadvantaged.

Our Mission

  • Teamwork

A proud partnership business is driven by individual qualities that have a beneficial influence on our people. We are always aiming for the advancement of our team members so that they can grow emotionally and professionally, hence assisting them in achieving their full potential.

  • Product Development

Our offerings are customised for distinct flavours and textures, and they can also deliver cost reductions without compromising essential features.

  • Customer Success Participation

We firmly believe that our success is inextricably linked to the success of our clients. Therefore, we strive diligently to generate value for them by fuelling development and prosperity.

  • Produce Results

Our efforts continue to be focused on achieving our commitments, executing with enthusiasm, assessing outcomes, and rewarding success.

  • Future-Oriented Work

We cultivate an optimistic mentality via imagination and innovation, which stimulates risk-taking and tenacity to accomplish our objectives. We are confident that the future will be much better.